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Philippine's leading importer and distributor of IT Connectivity Solutions

Established in 1990, with over 25 years business experience in Philippines, FNTSI has grown from a 3-man team into a 40-people team today.

As a pioneer in the IT INDUSTRY, FNTSI was responsible for bringing new innovative technologies that make life better for Filipinos, make companies more efficient, and save on their resources.

The trust and commitment that FNTSI has built over the years have seen its RE-SELLER network grow to more than 200 partners nationwide with FNTSI solutions being in ACTUAL USE by all the top companies in their respective industries and in government.

Our solutions are used by the banking industry, hotels and resorts, education, healthcare, communications, TV networks, call centers, manufacturing, small businesses and consumer.

We look forward to the next 25 years with even more focus on people development, investment into knowledge, and making life much better for the entire country.

Our Team

Team 2

Our 40-people team is composed of 50% engineers, well-trained and knowledgeable to specific solutions.

We also have a talented design team to help in making realistic solutions to real world problems. Our marketing team is composed of graphic artists, web designers, and communications experts to properly relay the features and benefits of each product and solution we offer.

Further, our team has grown organically so that we are a rarity in the IT INDUSTRY where employees usually stay for only 2 years before moving to other companies. We are proud to say that our people have been with us and grown with us through all the years.

Our Brands


     Barco wePresent


     Digibird Tech


     Arec Media Station




     DNP Optical Screens